Coming off six seasons of the Lifetime juggernaut they’ve described rather delicately as “unusual” and “stressful” (in which elementary school-aged aspiring professional dancers were thrown into a pressure cooker most adults couldn’t handle), “We definitely feel like people needed to see a more personal, real side of us,” Maddie continued. We wanted to show something casual and not so much produced.

So casual, in fact, that while they hope to eventually give viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at recordings—or maybe even attempt a live, in-front-of-an-audience version—”I think the problem with that is sometimes we have these laughing episodes where we just can’t stop,” admitted Kenzie. There are certain parts that need to be removed because of our laughter.

Still, noted Maddie, “That would be so much fun for people to just kind of see a live version of what we do. It’s casual. We sit down and talk.