Is it hot in here or is it just future dadPost Malone?  

Fans of the “Circles” rapper, 26, will recall that he and his partner announced in May that they’re expecting their first child together. Post revealed his fatherhood plans in an interview with Zane Lowe, Apple Music 1 on June 1. 

Post exclaimed excitedly to the host, “I’m so excited.” Post exclaimed, “I am going to be an amazing dad.” 

According to the musician, he’s had the desire to start a family of his own ever since he was a small child and would pretend to be a dad to his toys.   

Post explained that she was four- or five years old when her baby doll arrived. The doll was called a baby doll. It was just the most cool thing. He would be my companion everywhere. 

Post Jr. couldn’t remember exactly how long it took him to take Post Jr. along, but he did note that his mom still owns the doll Post loved so much. Maybe it will become his new friend?