Vought News Network: The Boys season three is coming to Amazon Prime in June.

Amazon Prime announced that it had added three episodes to its series of The Primer on Friday, January 7. The Boys will premiere on the streaming platform Friday, June 3, with the remaining five episodes released weekly. The last episode will air on July 8.

Vought News Network previewed the third season on Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman, teasing the arrival of new superhero Blue Hawk (Nick WechslerHe is now getting his own reality television series. Red, White & Blue Justice, on Vought+. The anchor is portrayed by an actor Matthew EdisonThe show will feature Blue Hawk, who “brings order and law to the streets of Trenton.” 

Weschler is only one of many newcomers to Amazon’s series. Jensen AcklesMiles Gaston Villanueva, Laurie HoldenFrances Turner, Kristin Booth Jack Doolan Sean Patrick Flanery also set to make their Boys Season debut.