As Will SmithFamously, once asked “And why is it so strong?

The 53-year old Independence Day actor had a literal blast while working out at the Miami Dolphins’ training facility. On Thursday, Jan. 6, the actor posted on Instagram and TikTok a video of himself accidentally farting while he was on his hands and knees, using a foam roller, and while a camera crew filmed his session.

He captioned the video, “Training was great with the Miami Dolphins,” “until my morning coffee snuck in on me.”

Will wrote that “They told me to relax all my muscles.”

After the gassy gaffe, the actor and “Miami” rapper apologized. He laughed and said “Oh, sorry.” He said, laughing.

The chuckling bystanders asked him, “Does this place have showers?”

Will is the star of YouTube’s docuseries What is the Best Shape in My Life?, had shared a longer version of the video on YouTube in late December. The caption read, “I caught-up with.” [quarterback] Tua Tagovailoa [coach] Dave Puloka“The Miami Dolphins are going to throw some rock at the ball and give a bit of training.”