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It’s hard to pinpoint the best part about a trip to the mountains. Some are eager for that first moment when you click into your skis while others are content to cozy up by the fire in the lodge with a good book. Popping champagne And drinking boozy hot chocolate for après (after) ski activities after a long day of skiing or snowboarding can also be the highlight of your trip.

With all of that said, packing for a ski trip is a difficult process. Looking chic while piling on layers to stay warm can seem daunting, and then there’s the impossibly boujee outfits for après skiing to think about. 

This season, faux fur and sherpa are trending for those luxurious après ski activities. We’ve also rounded up classic belted jackets, brightly-colored pieces, and puffer coats that you’ll see on the slopes, as well as cozy styles for hanging out in the lodge. Scroll below for trending ski looks, including accessories and skincare products that never go out of style during a long day in the elements so you can shred the slopes andMountain fashion