They have spoken.

Netflix revealed that the Ukrainian President will be a Netflix Original Volodymyr ZelenskyyThis is the hit television show The Servant of PeopleThe series is available now on YouTube. Recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine has prompted increased interest in the series.

The Servant of People follows Zelenskyy’s character, Vasiliy, who “unexpectedly becomes President after a video of him complaining about corruption suddenly goes viral.” The show ran in Ukraine for three seasons and came to an end when Zelenskyy decided to ActuallyRun for Political Office in 2019

In a nod to the show that made him famous, Zelensky ran for president under a newly formed party called Servant of the People. 

He is now a governing Ukrainian government official, and he was once an actor. The former actor and stand-up comedian addressed Congress March 16 to ask for greater support in light of Ukraine’s ongoing conflict with Russia.