Your bathroom is one of the most important areas of your home. It’s the place where you most likely prepare for each day, and the shower and toilet both serve obvious important functions! Guests ask to see it when they are invited to your house, and of course, it’s never a good day if the hot water or plumbing stops working.


That’s why it makes sense, when it’s finally time to upgrade your bathroom, you probably have a lot of questions. This short article will hopefully be able to answer a few of them:


  1. When is the Best Time of Year to Complete Bathroom Upgrades and Renovations


How busy your local contractors are will vary depending on your location, but as a general rule of thumb, winter is a slow time of year for business. This makes winter an ideal time if you want a renovation completed quickly, but in exchange, you may be mopping slush off your floors and tolerating cold drafts from the frequent opening and closing of doors.


The slow season for many contractors continues through spring, however. If you manage to schedule during spring instead, you’ll probably find that the weather is more favorable and your contractor’s work schedule will still have a decent number of openings for smaller jobs.


If your schedule, on the other hand, requires the remodel to be completed during the summer months, you’ll probably want to book a contractor several months in advance. This is the busiest season for most contractors, and last-minute jobs can be hard to add to the schedule.


The busy season continues into autumn. Contractors often continue to get even busier until the winter months begin, so if you want to remodel during this time of year, it would be wise to book well in advance.


  1. What is Currently Trending in Bathroom Upgrades/Renovations Right Now


Perhaps you’re still in the planning stage, and not quite ready to schedule the contractor yet. In that case, you may be interested in hearing more about what’s currently trendy and modern for bathroom renovations:


Free-standing tubs with sleek, no-nonsense designs help create space and contribute to the highly sought-after minimalist look. Pedestal sinks are also coming back into fashion, and a floating vanity can provide all of the counter areas you need while also creating room for additional shelves, cabinets, or floor space. Glass shower doors add a classy touch to any bathroom, and are better at keeping water off tiles than a curtain.


If you have money to splurge, heated bathroom floors are a truly modern luxury!


  1. Can these Upgrades Increase the Overall Value of Your Home?


A bathroom upgrade can increase the value of your home, with even a midrange remodel averaging around a 50% return on investment.

This is especially true when the upgrade or renovation is overseen by an experienced professional. While some small upgrades are easy enough for the everyday handyman, big renovations that may include replacing pipes and installing new fixtures are best left to a contractor.

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