When you are hosting a housewarming party, it is appropriate to serve adult beverages including wine. How do you know which wines to choose? Navigating the world of wine can be confusing if you aren’t a sommelier. The varieties are seemingly endless. So, let’s break it down into five tips that can help you narrow down your options.


1. Try to Figure Out What Your Guests’ Preferences Are


You may know what your friends and family enjoy when it comes to wine just by having spent time with them socially. Though, you might not know what everyone attending the party likes. Having more than one varietal is recommended. A good rule of thumb is to offer a red wine and a white wine. You could also include a rosé to cover all the bases.


2. Decide on Your Budget


If the sky is the limit, buy the best wine and lots of it. However, that isn’t typical. You likely have a budget in mind for your party. The good news is that many decent wines are affordable. So, decide how many bottles you will need and then divide your wine budget by the number of bottles. For instance, if you have approximately $500 to spend on wine and you think you need 15 bottles, look for wine in the $35 range.


3. Will the Party be Casual or Formal?


If you are planning a backyard bash with casual attire and barbeque fare, you can serve more modestly priced wine that is okay to drink in disposable wine glasses while not affecting the quality of the wine.


On the flip side, if the party is a classy cocktail affair or a formal sit-down dinner, choose a wine that is of higher quality and is attractively labeled to make an impression. While a French Bordeaux might turn heads, a lovely coastal California cabernet sauvignon will start a conversation.


4. Take the Season into Consideration


Some wines are more refreshing in summer and others are more robust to enjoy in winter. Typically, warm weather calls for chilled wines, such as a crisp sauvignon blanc or a fruity rosé. For something fun, add to this a bubbly prosecco.


Cold weather parties call for a wine that is comforting with more texture and depth of flavor. This is a good time of year to serve a full-bodied red and perhaps a buttery or oaked chardonnay.


5. Pair Well with Your Menu


When serving cheese and charcuterie, it is a good idea to have both a dry red and white option. Syrah and sauvignon blanc come to mind. If you are serving steak and potatoes, go big with a deep red that has berry notes. When the menu is leaning toward canapes and shrimp cocktail, this is when you want to serve a light California white wine and maybe a white wine spritzer or champagne.


Choosing wine for your housewarming party doesn’t have to be stressful. A good plan is to have variety so every guest feels included and taken care of. And, always have a non-alcoholic beverage option available.