Mckenna GraceThe troublemaker is ready and waiting. 

TheBad Seeds reboot star is returning to our screens in The Bad Seed Returns, a sequel to Robe loweStarring in the remake of 1956’s horror classic, Nancy KellyAnd Patty McCormack. Now, the first peek gives us a glimpse of what to expect as Emma is reprised by the actress.

The Lifetime film, which premieres May 30, follows Emma after the death of her father (Lowe), which includes living with her aunt Angela (Michelle Morgan) and trying to navigate high school. But when Angela’s husband Robert (Benjamin AyersEmma (or a suspect) starts to suspect Emma might not be innocent. Emma, or a new school girl, seems to have learned Emma’s past secrets. Emma then slips back into her former ways and “takes care of” her enemies.

“Where’s Steph?” Emma says in the clip. 

“You haven’t heard?” a high schooler responds. “Someone completely stole her dog. A jogger located it.”

“Do they know the perpetrator?” Emma asks. 

“The world is full of psychopaths. “That’s why there are so many podcasts,” she continues.

Emma pretends she is innocent. The bone-chilling trailer shows Emma plotting to harm her uncle and hurting a classmate while also crushing pills and igniting gasoline in a home.

Emma admits, “That sounds like me getting away with things,” after calling 9-1-1 and pretending that she was being attacked.