Kristin’s situation was discussed in several episodes. Summer HouseShe has not yet addressed any of the allegations at this time. The episode of February 14 was especially informative, with Paige revealing details about Craig’s texts to Kristin. 

Paige shared the following: “I suppose she texted her like, ‘You aren’t going to make me seem like an idiot with him,'” Paige stated to her co-star Ciara Miller. “And like: ‘If she is your thing, you can have her. I don’t want to look dumb.

Craig then referred to Kristin’s July Instagram Story where she said Austen and him never had a love affair. And he [Craig] was like, ‘OK, but you went on Instagram and lied,'” Paige said. Paige said, “Like: ‘You can’t say you’ [Kristin]We were not going to get together. We were f–ked.