You might need some convincing to buy this wafflemaker from Amazon.

The other admitted that he laughed at first thinking it was too small for anything. It’s a tiny waffle machine that makes amazing waffles! You can make almost any type of food on it. Can make waffles and eggs.

Another shared purchase” I have purchased three of these, because my friends all want it. Right now, I am buying another one. You can create chaffles of the perfect size for the Keto diet. You can use chaffles to make buns, or sweet treats. It takes just minutes.

Amazon customer said that this makes great waffles. The perfect colour and crisp edges. Fast! There are no soggy waffles. Every time, perfect even when you don’t grease your plates!

“YES! You can make tiny Eggo-sized waffles You can put anything in it: hashbrowns and tatertots, waffle mixture, canned biscuits. You can even add nuts or berries! The package even includes a small recipe guide! The size is small enough to fit in your palm. A shopper said that it heats up quickly and is very easy to clean.

One customer commented, “It’s amazing! I actually love it more than my normal sized waffle makers!” This machine makes waffles that taste a little smaller than Eggo waffles. The waffles come out perfect. They are perfect for waffles and my kids love it. It’s so easy to use, and there is no need for cleanup. No spray is required to make waffles perfectly each time.

One waffle maker owner stated, “I didn’t know what small waffle makers could do for me.” LOL. It’s a silly, little miracle. It’s so straightforward that almost everything works because of it. Nonstick surfaces are really nonstick. This is very important for waffle makers. The waffles can be removed cleanly without needing to scrape or scrub. You can make a waffle in just two minutes. It takes me about two minutes to make my cup of coffee.

Keto shopper said that it was a fun little gadget. It was something I didn’t even know existed.

One person said, “HUGE Impact!” This gadget can be used in a studio apartment, mobile home, hostel, motel or other places that require a small footprint. It’s easy to clean the gadget, then unplug it, and wipe it down using a damp towel.

“I started on Keto just before this was available, and saw on TikTok that people were using it for Chaffles, so I decided to get one. I am so happy I did. This is a great tool. It makes my breakfast Chaffles and lunch Chaffles,” wrote a happy shopper.