This foundation isn’t just for Rachel. This is a great place to start if you are unsure whether or not this foundation is right for you. It’s glowing Sephora reviews (pun intended).

One customer with dry skin said, “After trying so many foundations on my skin and paying so much to get the right one. It works miracles on the skin, finally found it. It’s been in my possession for 2 years. Perfect !!!”

A customer who was initially skeptical wrote: “OBSESSED. Ok. Okay. It is incredibly breathable and provides amazing coverage if you first apply a light layer.

A fan said that the new holy grace was “NEW” and added, “Had a review to this product because it is so good. Even with only a small amount, it covers all redness. It makes my skin tone look so glowy, plump & even, and I have acne-prone, textured/scarred skin! It wore beautifully all day long, even after being out & about. 10/10 It’s worth the wait!

Sephora’s shopper said it was their “new Holy Grail,” adding, “This my ideal’my skin’ but better. Although I hesitated to invest so much in foundation, it is now my favourite foundation. It is beautiful and blends well with my skin.

Someone said “LOVCelebHomes The formula provides great coverage and blends better when used with a beauty blender, than a toothbrush. If you want a natural look, it will not leave your skin looking greasy. It’s more like your skin, but it is better. This product can be used with other products, which blends beautifully.

This foundation has been greatly underrated. I’ve been looking for something light but that still gives coverage,not patchy with a natural satin finish that doesn’t leave me cakey & this is exactly it! It’s my new holy-grail. “Perfect for dry skin,” said a Sephora customer.

One loyal customer shared that she has been using the product for years and said, “I have been with this foundation since I was a child.” This foundation has been my favorite for many years. This is my favorite foundation. Never disappoints. The shade selection is incredible. My skin is dark brown, mixed-race, so it’s not easy to find shades. All shades by Nars look natural. Second, it’s the finish. Although it is not entirely matte, it doesn’t look glowy. The focus is soft. It has excellent coverage, despite its mere existence. This foundation is very flexible and can be built up. It is a wonderful foundation. Highly recommended.