Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock”,Has always been a lady’s man. 

CelebHomes News featured the pro-wrestler who became an actor. Daily Pop on March 14, describing “Young Rock,” a moniker in reference to his NBC sitcom of the same name, as “confident” even though he “didn’t know anything.” 

Johnson stated that Johnson also said Johnson described Johnson as “a boy in need of trouble every single day”. But yes. I have loved and admired women since a young age. [was]”I am always curious.”

Perhaps this explains what was inside his fanny pack in that infamous 1994 throwback photo—you know the one—which shows Johnson rocking the stylish accessory with a black turtleneck, silver chain and jeans (not to mention, an incredible haircut). He previously teased what the bag contained during season one of Young RockBut, on Daily PopJohnson also revealed another hidden fanny-pack find: “Phone number.”

“And stuff like that,” he said with a laugh, noting that there was also “a lot of inappropriate things I can’t mention right now.”