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We all look forward to gathering with our loved ones during this time of year, but there’s a lot of effort that goes into holiday hosting before you sit down to enjoy your meal. I am a mother to three children. Catherine LoweThis is something that we all know too well. Bachelor alum told CelebHomes News, “I’m super busy with the kids and work but when it hits 5 PM I am so excited to focus on cooking food for my family,” which is why she teamed up with Pacific Foods.

Catherine said, “This season is all about family time and comfort food. Enjoying quality family time is only possible when you cook a home-cooked meal. My favorite thing is to share with my kids recipes that I have grown up with as well as ones that I love.

She revealed, “Their favorite food is soup and Pacific Foods is known for quality organic soups and broths made with simple, delicious ingredients so a partnership to share my favorite holiday recipe was a no-brainer!” Catherine shares her favorite soup recipe and other essential kitchen items for holiday entertaining.