Hannah BrownThere are “a lot different perspectives” Colton Underwood.

It God Bless this MessColton was the guest author The Bachelor in 2019, was asked about her ex’s new Netflix documentary series, Coming Out ColtonThe Dec. 13 SiriusXM’s episode features this: Michelle Collins Show.

The docuseries, which was released earlier in December, shed new light on Colton’s life in the past few years and featured the star speaking about his tumultuous breakup with Cassie RandolphHe was the last rose to receive on the ABC’s dating show.

Hannah stated that Colton’s documentary series has two sides. “I understand why people would be upset that he has a TV show—just because he’s a white, gay man and there’s some privilege there. But I understand. [that with]His relationship with Cassie was a mess.

She added, “But, as far as knowing him, I think it is really cool that, finally, he can, for first time, be his own, which I find strange. [because]He was homosexual throughout my relationship with him.”