This is the ultimate match.

This is tonight’s new episode The Bradshaw BunchBoth of them aren’t enough. Terry BradshawAnd his eight year-old grand-daughter Zurie.

The duo is usually seen at the hip. This sneak peek video shows them being serious. 

Why? Why? 

As they wait for the show to begin, Zurie does her best to intimidate Terry, telling him, “I hope you brought your losing pillow to cry in.”

But, The NFL Hall-of-Famer does not seem to care. “I don’t mind losing. He replies. “I handle losing well!”

“You’re going down! Zurie fires back.

The cycle continues up until Zurie is ready to enter the arena. Terry confesses to Zurie that if he wins she must kiss his feet.

She replied: She replied, “It will be difficult to do that while your horse is pooting in front of you.”