Kenan ThompsonIt is Christmas spirit.

NBC’s top comedy KenanTonight’s return, December 15, features a holiday special and hilarious Saturday Night LiveA veteran shares his reasons why this special time of the year is so important to him.

Thompson exclusively told CelebHomes News that Christmas was the best. “I’m sure I’ve been Santa 50,000 times over my life.” Thompson told CelebHomes News exclusively. SNLOr whatever. But to have it on our show made it even more formal like “Oh snap! Now we have something in the show that absolutely everyone can relate to,” you know? All people can relate to Christmas. 

Thompson stated that when it comes to holidays, Thompson hopes everyone will be more positive and get into the holiday spirit. It’s not about the giving spirit, it is also about the feeling of gratitude and appreciation for those you love. Remembering your childhood and the simple times you had. “Seeing wonderment in the eyes of children.”