Andy CohenHe is bringing his dating advice to his friend Kelly Clarkson!

On the 13th of December, Kelly Clarkson ShowAndy, our guest, shared his top tips on being single. 

Andy suggested that “When I am on dates with people it is important to understand what they find funny and which shows they enjoy.” It’s an excellent way to find out, for me, if we can hang together. 

Kelly said that Kelly isn’t good at it. Kelly said, “I’m never like the person who’s like, ‘I don’t know. They might be having an “off day.” 

Andy said that it’s best for “boozy first dates”, to let your guard down, but Kelly revealed that Kelly is more reserved about her commitment to time with a boyfriend. 

Kelly admitted that she might prefer coffee to me, but Kelly laughed, saying, “I don’t know whether I’m willing to invest in an afternoon with you.”