Season 12 The Real Housewives of New JerseyRumours have marred the reputation of Teresa Giudice‘s fiancé, Luis Louie RuelasHe’s now setting the record straight. 

Hosting Andy Cohen put everything on the table during the third and final part of the RHONJ reunion on May 17, asking Louie outright. “A lot of women that you’ve dated who have unkind things to say about you,” Andy said. “There’s road rage incidents, you demand sex all the time, emotionally abusive, slashed a girlfriend’s tire, your family doesn’t like you, physical abuse in front of kids…is any of it true?”

Louie replied, “We were basically involved in toxic relationships.” “It felt emotionally abusive to be in toxic relationships. However, I don’t intend to label it this way.”

Moving down the list of allegations, Andy asked Louie if he really demands sex “four times a day”—Louie said no, he can’t have that much sex—and whether he has a domestic violence record. Regarding the latter, Louie said, “Two incidents have come up recently, and those were arguments with my wife over my children when we were getting divorced.”