Josh DuggarThe cousin sent a note to his wife. AnnaBefore he is sentenced in the child pornography case.

Josh, five months after he was convicted of processing and receiving child porn in April 2013, took place on May 17. Amy King penned an open letter to Anna telling her that she’s “being surrounded by the wrong kind of support.” Sharing a throwback photo of herself hugging the mother-of-seven, Amy wrote on Instagram, “Anna, I feel for you. A woman should be like you.

Anna has been married to Josh since 2008 and shares her children—Mackynzie, 12; Michael, 10; Marcus, 8; Meredith, 6; Mason4. Maryella2. Madyson, six months—with theThere are 19 children and counting alum.

“You’ve been taught since you were a child that marriage is forever and you prayed for God to send you a partner,” Amy wrote to Anna. He has built your life and family. This was not something you chose, nor did your children.

Amy explained that she wasn’t going after Anna and that she was just expressing herself as a fierce protector.

It was shared by her: “If Josh and no other person in your family are saying it, then I want you to know that Josh can be divorced.” Your children will one day be able to see the real man behind their dad. They can’t be protected forever from the truth.