Do you want to try something completely new? They are. 

The fourth season of USA’s Temptation Island, four duos will put their romances to the ultimate test and decide whether they’re happy in their current situation—or are better off in an entirely different fling. After all, each relationship has its issues and the hope is that Temptation IslandThey’ll learn important lessons about themselves They will be together for the rest of their lives. They will they be able to move on together, stronger as a couple. You can leave the island to find something better. Oder you can choose to make something with any of the 24 singles.

This is what we know so far…

When the four couples—Ashley Rodriguez Lascelles Lagares; Iris Jardiel Luke Weshselberger Gillian Lieberman Edgar De Santiago Ash Lamiroult Hania Stocker—arrive to the island, it’s all champagne toasts and celebrations. They are all worried deep down about their situation.

While Ashley and Lascelles—they live in Queens, NY—feel they’re too co-dependent and want to spend time apart, Luke and Iris—from Seattle—have some serious trust issues. Luke says he is intimidated by Iris the “party queen”, and he often finds himself flirting with women. She wants him to feel more connected with his emotions.