Real-life besties can be anything from mother and daughter on screen.

Mae Whitman took to TwitterSend a wish to a friend on March 16. ParenthoodAlum Lauren GrahamHappy 55th Birthday! A screenshot of a Facetime chat with Lauren, 33 years old, was shared by the actress. It shows Mae laughing out loud. It was called “Weeeeee best friend Birthday” by her.

Mae expressed her gratitude to her for “making every step shine. I love you more that anything.”

Mae continued her praise by writing, “I really shudder to imagine what life would look like without you, thank God I don’t have to ever know.”

The dynamic duo has been receiving a lot of love from their fans in the comments section.

One user wrote, “CUTEST FRIENDSHIP EVER <3 also happy birthday you icon @thelaurengraham.”

“Your friendship makes me happy,” he said. One other said. “Happy birthday @thelaurengraham! I’ve been typing @ Lorelai since the beginning of my life.”

Lauren and Mae shared a strong bond in the hit NBC series as Sarah (played primarily by Lauren) and Amber, (played mainly by Mae). However, the actresses also proved that they were still in love off-screen.