Meta made the decision to stop Kanye WestInstagrammania by. 

According to CelebHomes News, the tech company, formerly Facebook, had suspended Kanye West’s Instagram account @kanyewest on March 16, for violating its policies regarding hate speech, bullying, harassment and other forms of harassment. A spokesperson for Meta told CelebHomes News that Kanye was removed from Instagram for 24 hours. According to the spokesperson, Meta restricted the “Heartless” rapper from posting, commenting and sending DMs within the timeframe.

A spokesperson for Meta stated that Meta often adds additional sanctions to accounts that break the rules.

It’s unclear which of Kanye’s posts violated the policies, but he has posted about Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, Trevor Noah, Michael Che and D.L. HughleyRecent days.

CelebHomes News reached Kanye to request comment.

Earlier this week, Kanye posted a photo of North’s backpack on Instagram with the caption, “This was on my daughters back pack when I was ‘allowed’ to see her last week. It is because I work so hard to support my family that I have a wired system in place to ensure my safety at all costs.