We are in for temptation. 

USA Network has redesigned the version of Temptation Island returns this Wednesday, March 16 with season four, bringing with it a whole other world of reality TV dating. Four couples are taken at an important time in their relationship and split into two houses. The show then surrounds them by sexy singles to date throughout the series. 

One of two things will happen: the couple will survive the storm, or the other will fall for the temptation. However there will always be drama (and some hookups!). There will be drama, no matter how it turns out with so many people living together in fancy villas. 

Temptation IslandIt is not the first show that focuses on television’s boundaries around dating. Temptation Island).

Join us as we take a walk through some of TV’s other wild TV dating concepts—minus The BachelorIt is because, for comparison, one individual dating 30 others and then slowly eliminating them all is almost a common way to date.