“We’re also honoring Rocky’s memory and there’s a therapeutic aspect to being able to tell these stories and being able to delve into this history,” said Hiram, who as Dany’s younger brother has known Johnson since he was a teenager. You can’t help feeling moved and emotional by this process.

Gewirtz stated that in season 2, “You get to really see the DNA Dwayne Johns come to fruition.” There are also some bumps in the road [for his parents]” 

Take, for instance, an argument Johnson witnessed them having in the middle of Nashville’s I-65 highway when he was 15, during which Ata got out of the car and almost walked into traffic before her son pulled her back to the side of the road.

“That was a very defining moment in my life that I will never forget because it scared the s–t out of me,” Johnson said. Johnson said that the best thing about the moment and the psychology behind it is the fact that my mother has no memory of what happened. She completely forgot about it because it was so difficult.”

Although the scene is “softer”, he stated that people still get the feeling that the family has some tough times.