Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi proved once again that you don’t wanna come at her, bro.
Following the March 10 episode of Jersey Shore Family VacationThe reality TV star reached out to her followers on Twitter for feedback about the show.
“Who was that hot mess of a show last night?” The 34-year-old tweetedMarch 11th, “Sorry, I couldn’t live Tweet. I didn’t want my children to see us being slobs LOL.”
Snooki was apparently having trouble with a social media user for not living-tweeting. replied“Snooki! You are not responsible for your behavior. You should have considered it! This is a fantastic model for your children!”
Snooki has three children with her: son, daughter and grandchild Giovanna7. and 7 Lorenzo9. AngeloWith husband,????? Jionni LaVelleHe clapped his hands at the fan. writing, “Please stop. You are a great mother. [my]Kids, I was allowed to be a total slob while on vacation with my closest friends.”