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FOX aired this news on Wednesday, February 2, at 2:20 pm. You Believe You Can DanceThis summer, the long-awaited Season 17 of’s Dance Marathon will finally return. This new season will bring back dancers between 18 and 30 who have been trained in several types of dance for almost three years. Then SYTYCDThe show is inviting talented dancers and musicians to send in video auditions for the 2017 season. From this pool of auditionees, the show will host in-person auditions in New York City, Los Angeles and New Orleans. These are the standouts These are the people tryouts will be invited to perform in Los Angeles for the season 17 judges.

They will continue the tradition of tWitchLindsey ArnoldWitney Carson And Bailey Muñoz (Who won Season 16 of SYTYCDThis is 2019

Season 17 had been originally scheduled for 2020 but was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. A FOX representative stated that they were excited about the return of Season 17 this summer, but could not meet their standards due to the unique format and complex production schedule, as well as the limited time.