Darren CrissI am remembering my “vibrant and special, worldly” brother. Charles “Chuck” Criss

It Glee On Wednesday, March 2, the 35-year-old alum took to Instagram to share his heartbreaking news. 2, to share the heartbreaking news that his 36-year-old brother had recently died by suicide. 

“It breaks my heart beyond measure to say that my beloved brother Charles has left us,” Darren wrote alongside family photos and images of his brother. He left behind his mom, his brother and his three young children. 

He shared with us that his brother has “struggled for stability” during a difficult time in his life.

He shared that “despite our vocal concerns regarding his well-being and his claims that all was well, it’s crushing now to say that Chuck clearly had suffered from severe depression for some time.” He said that he had a depression which was outmatched only by his incredible ability to cover it up. The world and most important, the people closest to him, was not the only place he could hide it.