Mark WahlbergOfficially has become a citizen Uncharted Territory: He is the father of a 16 year-old boy!

The movie star’s spouse was married on Tuesday, March 22. Rhea Durham shared multiple Instagram posts dedicated to their son, Michael WahlbergTo celebrate his 16th birthday, March 21, he was photographed.  

In one post, Rhea and Mark can be seen cuddling in close with their eldest son—who is now almost as tall as his five foot eight action star dad—at his birthday party. A photo of an Oreo-flavored cake was also shared by Rhea, which included a picture of a chocolate bar that had been placed before it. It read “Happy 16th Birthday Michael.”  

Mark and Rhea share three additional children with each other, in addition to their birthday boy. Ella, 18, Brandon13, Grace, 12.

In a second posting, the mom and model posted Michael’s childhood photographs online. This included a photo of Mark with their son. 

“16!!!! “16! My first born son, who has made me a boy mothermy!” Rhea captioned this post.