Warning: There are spoilers in this story for Stranger Things season four, volume two.

Vecna might have been knocked out, but he is sure to return swinging in Season Five.

Vecna appeared in Episode 9 of Season Four.Jamie Campbell BowerNancy’s efforts saved a lot of pain for ).Natalia Dyer), Steve (Joe KeeryRobin (Maya Hawke). Vecna, also known as Vecna. Henry and number 001 were able to confirm that the monster really had died.

Will you (?Noah SchnappAfter being lost in the Upside Down season 1, and having been taken over by Vecna’s Mind Flayer season 2, he finally confirms that the villain is still alive, as he can sense him. This is concerning, to put it mildly.

CelebHomes News asked Jamie about how it might play in season 5.

Jamie stated that Vecna’s and Will’s history is well-known to all. It would be an honor to go back, as I will gently say.

#ProtectWill, anyone?