This is her Barbie birthday party girl.

Her special day is July 2. Margot Robbie celebrated with the cast and crew of Greta GerwigWhat’s next? Barbie film. As photos obtained by CelebHomes News show, Margot—who portrays the titular character in the live-action movie—was presented with a pink Barbie birthday cake between takes.

“Happy Birthday Barbie Margot,” a message on the cake—written in pink icing, of course—read. Meanwhile, another pic from set appears to show the 32-year-old Oscar nominee—dressed in Barbie’s neon ensemble with a white long-sleeve cover up—carrying a box of donuts, along with a party hat.

The cast of BarbieMargot has been busy working on the eagerly awaited project. There are photos of Margot as well as her co-star. Ryan Gosling—who is playing the role of Ken—in costume. Warner Bros. revealed a glimpse at Ryan as a platinum blonde character mid-June. This sparked a frenzy on social media.