Director Hwang Dong-hyuk Writers are creating films that are “more violent” than they should be Squid Game.

Dong-hyuk spoke out about his tentative plans to make a movie. Club for Killing Old PeopleAt the MipTV trade show on April 4, he was part of a panel. According to Variety, he predicted it will be “another controversial project,” joking that he may need to hide from elderly people when it’s released.

The director said he’s already written a 25-page treatment for the feature, which is based on the work of late Italian novelist Umberto Eco

Additional to Club for Killing Old People, the director is due to return to South Korea, where he will finish writing the second season of Squid Game, VarietyIt was also reported. Dong-hyuk said that he hopes to release new episodes by late 2024. 

He credited Netflix for believing in his vision, sharing that they were the only company to bet on the gritty series—he finished writing it in 2009—which follows impoverished individuals as they compete in childhood games with the goal of taking home a cash prize. Failure to win is fatal.”I was patient and waiting, and I created three features,” he said. He also remembered that the streamer loved it when he showed it in 2016, and they agreed to “love” it.[d] it.”