This news is even hotter than what Truck 81 has just put out! 

Chicago FireSeason 10 of ‘Sister Acts is in full swing, and a favorite fan favourite may be on hand for the final. During the #OneChicago Day press junket, co-showrunner Derek Haas revealed that he’s in talks with Jesse Spencer, a.k.a. TVLine has the story that Matt Casey, a firefighter, will return to the show for its final episode. 

That would be incredible. “That would be great for our show if Jesse came back.” Haas declared on March 30, So, the status is looking positive. He was also a friend of mine last week, so it’s possible that this is what he wants.”

Though Haas doesn’t want to “promise anything until cameras are rolling,” he explained, “It is our great expectation that we will see both Casey and [his girlfriend Sylvie]Brett at the [season]Because there will be huge, exciting, and big things happening in the finale. “This will be the most amazing finale, and I can’t wait to say it!”

Finale of the highest order Everyday? It’s an amazing day! Chicago Fire fan.