“I still don’t know exactly who Noella is because I feel like she’s always trying to play a character and when you’re trying to play a character, you don’t really get to know who that person is,” Emily shared. And it can be really difficult to make a connection with them on a genuine level.
Gina agreed and made a distinction between their fights. Shannon Storms Beador and Noella: “You have to have a real friendship before you can have real fights. It was not established.
When asked what the fans think about the current stories on the show they are playing, the two denied that the feud between Shannon and Shannon was in their favor.

“I believe Gina and I are particularly Heather [Dubrow] as well, the three of us get a lot of crap and get called ‘mean girls’ because of Shannon, but Shannon is really excellent at playing a victim on camera and making herself look like a victim,” Emily revealed. She’s been through so much. While she does have some things to cope with, all of us do.