Justin TimberlakeHe traded his suit and tie in for swim trunks, and an amazing view.

Justin and his wife Jessica BielThe couple have set off on an Italian vacation and are enjoying the warm sun. CelebHomes News has been told by an eyewitness, that the couple have spent the past few days together sailing around the Mediterranean aboard a luxurious yacht.

Jessica looked stunning in a leopard bikini, paired with her red sunglasses. Justin was wearing a black rashguard, paired with green shorts.

They headed to Sardinia for a vacation full of activities, including paddle ball, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming, per the witness. The couple also enjoyed some time on the beach.

The eyewitness stated that the children have been very active on water toys set up on their yachts.

The onlooker said that while they had fun competing in different events, it wasn’t all about the competitive energy at the retreat. Eyewitness said, “Even though their activities are intense, they have the time to spend with one another laughing, and kissing.”