A Bravo bromance has lived to see another day.

Of course we are referring to Southern Charm‘s Craig Conover Austen Kroll. They rekindled their relationship on July 7, which marked the end to a long-running feud. Austen apologized to Craig for their gossip. Naomie Olindo‘s recent hookup, and Craig acknowledged that he was a better friend to Austen when he was single. 

Unfortunately, this is not true. Southern Charm‘s season eight trailer—which shows Austen and Craig wrestling against a car and then onto the ground as the latter demands he apologize—the peace between the two looks to be short-lived. It begs the question: what went wrong between these two best friends? 

It is not an easy question to answer.

Unsane Summer

Austen told CelebHomes News exclusively that “Between Craig & I, it really originated from this summer.” Austen said that the two began to hear rumors at the same time that one was speaking behind the other’s back. “What should’ve happened is that we should have had a conversation as soon as he heard that I said something, he should have called me and been like, ‘Hey buddy, did you say this or not?’ It could have been squashed then.