With the immense use of social media platforms, it has become quite difficult for marketers to gain an edge over competitors. Therefore, equipping with the best social media monitoring and management tools is the key that everyone should have for gaining maximum social growth.

With so many tools available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. That’s what we’re here to focus on. We’re sharing some of the amazing social media monitoring tools that you can choose to get started and manage your social profiles.

Each tool comes with compelling features that are designed to provide amazing results and help with your social media campaigns for growth. And let’s not forget a good internet connection is what you need to get accurate and real-time analytics from these tools.

Make sure that you have it in your arsenal. If not, then check out Xfinity internet since it offers one of the best internet plans with amazing speed tiers and pricing that will surely fit your budget. With this, let’s check out social media monitoring and management tools that you should have:


If you think that posting whatever comes to your mind on social media will gain you content, you’re mistaken, unless you’re Elon Musk, then it’s alright. But if you truly want engagement then MeetEdgar is the tool to use.

This tool makes it easier to post content that will surely attract visitors, clicks, and the audience that your social profile requires. You can choose various topics and create content. Edgar will evaluate this content and analyze whether it’ll get engagement or not.

Apart from this, it adds new topics and also helps to re-publish old content that it thinks can generate engagement. Plus, it also schedules new posts, making it easier for you to keep your social account active even when you’re away.


When it comes to content, you truly need to ensure that yours stands out from the rest. That’s where Animoto comes in. You can create videos, edit images and create user-friendly content with your desktop or even phone without any hassle.

Don’t know how to do it? There are tons of videos available on the platform that will help you learn animation and will help you generate effective results for your animations. With amazing features such as stock video templates, aspect ratio optimization, and others, it’s surely your go-to tool for creating amazing content.


Tired of finding out who’s visiting your website? Want to find their emails so that you can send them newsletters and promotional emails for engagement? Then, Sumo is here to help! With Sumo, you can easily collect emails from the visitors coming to your site.

This directly helps you grow your subscribers since in no time you can collect emails and send subscription offers to your visitors. In other words, instead of wandering for emails of visitors, you can simply use this tool, get a list, and pitch a subscription right away.


Managing your brand’s social media campaigns is one thing but having to manage these campaigns for different clients is quite extensive. Moreover, there’s little to no room for any mistake, which is why you need something that will not only help you but your entire team work efficiently.

Well, there’s AgoraPulse that you can deploy starting today. It allows managing your customers and clients via a single dashboard. From post creation to scheduling, the built-in CRM allows to track things and provide accurate insights for engagement. 

Sprout Social

If you’re truly looking for a social media management tool that will give you a solid foundation, then Sprout Social is your pick. From engagement reports, post scheduling, brand monitoring and so much more, Sprout Social comes to the rescue for every social media marketer.

Whether you’re a brand, an organization, or a media company, Sprout Social is one of the best tools to use for increasing overall social media growth. Plus, it’s an amazing tool for getting daily metrics, which will illuminate where your profile stands.

How to Choose Your Social Media Tool?

Now that you’ve seen what kind of social media tools you can use to improve your management and monitoring, it’s time to check out some metrics. These metrics will help you choose your social media tools, apart from the ones that we’ve mentioned earlier. These are below:

Learning Process

You might be familiar with the tool but, likely, your team won’t be. That’s why you need to consider how long will it take to get hands-on experience with it that would produce applicable results.


Most of the tools available in the market aren’t free and you’ll have to pay monthly or yearly subscriptions to use them. That is why you must consider your budget for it and ensure that the tool you’re using falls within it and doesn’t overdo anything. You’ll need your capital for a lot of marketing activities; spending it on just a single tool isn’t a good decision.

Workflow Fit

Another metric that you need to consider is whether the tool is fitting your business requirements or not. For instance, if you’re experiencing low internet speed, then you should evaluate whether you need a new internet plan with a higher speed or a new internet router.

Similarly, make sure that the tool you’re considering for your business model covers the needs and offers positive results that will actually help you. If yes, then you should consider the abovementioned factors for it and hope that it falls within your budget range and requires not-so-long learning patience.

Closing Thoughts

With this, we compile our list of the social media tools that you can use for monitoring and management this year. The list isn’t likely to cover all aspects; however, we’ve considered some major requirements, and have compiled the tools that will surely offer reliable performance. Apart from that, using the metrics we’ve mentioned earlier will help you find a new tool of your liking easily too.