Louisville is a fantastic place to live, with an incredibly mild climate, a booming economy, and a huge amount of cultural events.   The temperatures range from a summer average high of 88 degrees to a winter average low of 26 degrees.  Louisville is home to the UPS International Airport Hub, which is the largest employer in Louisville and allows the region to be a hub for shipping and manufacturing.  $22.8 billion in civil projects has been announced, starter, or finished since 2014.  This is coupled with a very low cost of living– Louisville ranks 91.8 out of 100 in terms of affordability within Jefferson County.  
Average home value in popular neighborhoods ranges from $215,344 in Clifton to $536,051 in Cherokee Seneca.  Notable figures who lived in Louisville include Thomas Edison in Butchertown, Muhammad Ali in Parkland, Louis Brandeis in the Central Business District, Tom Cruise in Poplar Level, and Jennifer Lawrence in Broad Fields.  Other attractions include (but are not limited to) Hurricane Bay, the Churchill Downs, Downtown Bourbon Row, and the Muhammad Ali center.  There are also many beautiful outdoor areas to explore, such as Iroquois Park, Falls of the Ohio State Park, and Bernheim Forest.  Louisville real estate is an affordable and cultured city that lives up to its motto: “Keep Louisville Weird!”

What Makes Louisville A Great Place To Live?
Source: Finish Line Realty