Jared Rice/Unsplash

Who doesn’t want to live like a star? While we can’t reinvent your career to a life on the red carpet, there are some smart design features from celebrity homes you can bring into your own life.

The art of the splashback

A splashback is a tile or mosaic installation, typically used behind the kitchen stove to prevent oil splatter from hitting the underlying wall treatment. In many homes, very little thought goes into this aspect of the design. However, celebrities live their life in the public eye, and you can expect that thought to go into every aspect of their decor. Why settle for dull, matching tiles when you can add creativity, art, and a pinch of glamour? From fanciful art pieces to sinuous mosaics, let your splashback add grace and glamour to your home. 

The hotel bedroom

Celebrities and movie stars spend a lot of time traveling, so hotel rooms become a big part of their life. What happens when you bring that same ambiance into your day-to-day life, however? Whether it’s a guestroom or the master bedroom, adding a few hotel-like luxuries to your bedroom and ensuite will instantly upgrade them from drab to fab. Whether it’s a basket of your favorite bathtime goodies on the sink, extra-fluffy towels by the dozen, or a small morning tea station on your dresser, adding some little luxuries to your most intimate space is a great way to spice up your life.

Don’t forget the outdoors

For many of us without full-time maids and gardeners, the outdoors can seem like it’s made of chores. However, there’s a lot of value in creating an outdoor entertainment space you can love and use. Not only can you enjoy the warmth of the summer as the weather improves, but it acts as an extension of your home, giving you more space and a glorious sense of connection to nature.

One of the easiest upgrades you can make is to cover your patio. Whether you’re looking to cover your patio efficiently in Phoenix to tone down the heat of the sun, or you want to make sure you keep the snows out further north, it helps you define your entertainment area as well as add versatility to the space. It will also keep outdoor kitchen facilities safe and clean.

Let in the light

What stands out in almost any celebrity home photoshoot? Chances are your mind goes immediately to acres of vibrant, natural light. It’s easy to chalk this up as the difference between living in Malibu or your hometown, but the truth is natural light improves any space, no matter how small it feels to you. While you may not have the budget for a full home renovation to add more windows, take a look at what you’re working with.

If you tend to lurk with heavy curtains drawn all the time to see your PC screen, consider a blind treatment to open up the space without compromising on glare. If you want to lighten the ambiance of your dining room, consider using lighter, flowing curtaining materials. To make a small room look bigger, a mirror directly opposite the window or light source can help create a sense of air and space.
As you can see, there’s a lot to learn from celebrity homes. Even if you don’t have their budget, you can use their time-tested tricks to make your own home a happier, better-decorated space.