Bedrooms are a lot of things to different people- an expression of self, a haven of safety, or simply but importantly, where they rest after a hard day’s work, among lots of other uses.

There is an Irish proverb that goes, a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.

That said, it cannot be emphasized enough, how important your bedroom should be. From the layout to the colors, it all has to be just right for you.

It is for this reason that designing an ideal bedroom is no mean feat.

There are three basic types of bedrooms: master, children’s, and guest bedrooms, and their styles could be either contemporary, modern, or traditional.

A bedroom could also be ensuite, which means that it has everything a bedroom needs, plus an ensuite bathroom (it can only be accessed through the room), and other useful amenities.

The location of a bedroom depends primarily on the layout of the rest of the house, though it should ideally be well lit and airy. It is also quite relaxing- and dreamy, I daresay- to wake up to the beauty of the sun rising.

Each bedroom, depending on the needs of its occupants, has its own unique floor plan. A good floor plan is the one that gives the most seamless and efficient circulation (you need to walk through the room comfortably and conveniently), and have enough storage.

The bedroom is where you and your loved ones will spend at least eight hours a day, well, at least according to the doctors.

It needs to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible to encourage a good night’s sleep, even after a bad day.

Some things to think about as you choose a plan for your bedrooms are:


Great lighting will be your friend because even the most luxurious rooms look black in the dark. Natural or artificial, light makes any room feel bigger. Therefore, it is imperative you talk to your architect about the importance of this. 

Check out some Truoba Modern House Plans to help you think about all your light needs.

If you are prone to changing your paints ever so frequently, a neutral lighting fixture will be a great choice, as it will blend with the changes on your décor, perfectly.

If you are one to keep your look, then statement fixtures will do it. Think chandeliers, pendants, or flush lighting.

Either way, wall sconces add a glow to your wall, and with dimmers, you will be smoothly lulled to sleep.

Wide windows and ceiling windows also let in some beautiful natural light. 


A closet is useful in helping you stay organized, and of course, prepare faster, mostly because everything is in its place.

There are different types of closets:

The walk-in closet- a room all on its own within the bedroom, it provides ample storage and keeps clothes away from the sleeping area. Those things do have a way of making your bed their own.

This is preferably placed between the bathroom and the sleeping area.

The reach-in closet- considerably smaller than the walk-in, it is also a great option and can be cleverly arranged to have sufficient storage for everything.

Linen closet- this is the hero that guarantees that you will not have to force your extra pillows, towels, and sheets to fit into some box under your bed. Your bathroom essentials also find a home in this space.

Wardrobe- also called an armoire, it is movable and constructed to host your clothes.


With an ensuite bedroom, you will have a private bathroom. You might also consider having a bathroom strategically placed to be shared between two bedrooms.

A bathroom closet offers storage for your hygiene products and even medicine. It should be high enough to be far from children’s curious eyes (even when they step on a ladder).

You would need to have translucent windows or translucent frosted glass film to stick onto your clear windows for privacy.

Wet floors are quite slippery and thus hazardous so you need to reduce it and increase traction by using non-slip tiles, or using an anti-slip solution on smooth tiles to make them rougher, or cover the floor with non-slip rugs.

If the bathroom is for shared use, separating the toilet and bath area may be a problem-solver.

Loft bedroom

This type of bedroom is one that can be accessed through stairs but is not on a different floor. It can be part of your guest house plans.

It is most convenient for smaller houses, as the space underneath the bedroom is left to be freely used for something else.

It is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but is a wonderful option for anyone with little space to work with.

You may also go for a loft-style bedroom, which unlike the loft bedroom, it has all the space, but with an industrial feel to it- rustic and unique. 

The loft bedroom can be carefully crafted into your house plan to enable you to make the most of your space. Read more news and stories from