10. One of the series’ most iconic moments was the reveal that Alexis had tried to become a reality star and had recorded the theme song for it, gifting fans with the single “A Little Bit Alexis,” which has gone on to become a viral hit. Annie wrote the tune with the help of her husband. They wanted it to be “a banger in the vein” like some other song. Britney Spears Oder Paris Hilton would’ve released.

Levy stated that Levy had told her, “She’s always been around musicians and new people, producers. And she said, “Yeah. let me see what you can do” and then returned with a banger.” EW. “Now I’ll receive tweets from predominately homosexual men who are in clubs, and the song can play. Gay bars and clubs feel like they are playing the song, which I consider to be the highest compliment.

11. Annie, in addition to creating the earworm revealed that Alexis dance choreographed her own routine. This was something she did not show to anyone until filming. Annie explained, “I kept my fingers crossed that this would be enough and then I went in to do it.” EW.