Epoxy flooring was popularized. used for many years. It is not common in residential settings, but it has been popular recently. Today, it is found in many homes, it’s not just a useful flooring for garages and outside areas, it is a popular and practical option for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as other spaces in the home.

If you’re adding an epoxy floor the best idea is to get the specialists in epoxy floor coatingsIt will be installed for you. However, if you feel that this is a project that you can do yourself, here’s what you need to know.

It is crucial to prepare

Preparation is key if epoxy is to last. As with all work, it is crucial to do the right preparation for a successful finish.

The first thing to do when laying epoxy flooring is polishing it. This prepares it for epoxy flooring and also removes any chemical residue.

You’ll need to either sand the floor or use a diamond-grinding machine.

If you notice any chemicals soaked into the concrete you’ll need to apply a chemical cleaner to eliminate them. Concrete stained with chemicals is usually an indicator that there are chemical problems.


With the first step of preparation done you’ll want to clean the floor. You will need to dry the floor and get rid of all dust before applying epoxy. You can do this by simply sweeping. To avoid inhaling all that dust, you may want to use a mask.

Once you’ve swept you can use a vacuum to remove all the other dust particles. Be patient. Dust particles that are trapped in epoxy coatings will cause a decrease in epoxy’s lifespan.

Prime It

Your epoxy flooring supplier will advise you on the right primer to use for your particular project. The primer can be applied to dust-free concrete. It improves the adhesion of the main epoxy floor coating.

This seals concrete, prolongs flooring’s life and helps extend its durability.

Make Space

You can use the primer to help locate areas with cracks or uneven surfaces. These should be filled using epoxy grout. It’s advisable to grind the area slightly first as this will improve how well the grout sticks.

Apply Your Epoxy Coating

Now you can mix the hardener with the resin and apply it to the concrete floor. You can start at one side and move backwards to the other. Use a roller to apply epoxy to the flooring.

The finish can be left to dry for 24 hours, then you should inspect it carefully for cracks or holes. The epoxy grout will be used to fill in the cracks and holes before applying the next coat. It’s best to wait another 24 hours before applying a third epoxy coat and admiring your work.