Shay Mitchell Delivers Baby No. 2

There are no small lies in it. Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel‘s 2-year-old daughter Atlas loves being a big sister to baby Rome.

Just a few weeks after the couple welcomed their second child, a source close to the actress revealed what it was like for their firstborn to meet her younger sibling for the very first time. 

“It was an emotional moment having Atlas meet her new baby sister,” the insider exclusively told CelebHomes News, “and she is already loving being an older sister.”

The source said Shay had been “talking to Atlas about the baby coming for months” to ensure she was prepared that the toddler loved helping her mom get everything ready. The insider said that Shay was keen to ensure she understood and was part of the baby’s arrival. 

What is happening to the four-member family? The source said that Haya’s second pregnancy went much more smoothly than her first. She worked hard up to the birth, but is now easing into her job. Although she enjoys her time at home, taking in every moment with baby and checking on her brands, she has been enjoying all the other moments. She is driven, and she wants to return to work out once she has cleared.