Stars of the film ElvisWe mourn the loss of our actress Shonka Dukureh.

Today, a special light was turned on and the entire community was notified. ElvisShonka Dukureh’s death has left a deep void in the movie world. Baz LuhrmannIn a July 22 tribute, she wrote. Shonka has brought joy and spirit to the world from the moment she was born. Her voice and music are a constant part of our daily lives.”

Luhrmann also shared with us some memories about Dukureh who played Big Mama ThorntonThe film. 

He said, “Everyone always feels uplifted whenever she was on the set, in front of the camera, or just sitting there,”. She was only beginning to gain a wider audience for her incredible talent. I saw her lift whole audiences at Coachella, as well as beyond.

He recalled Shonka’s favorite word, “blessings”, and expressed his gratitude for the entire crew. ElvisThe cast, crew, as well as musical collaborators are truly honored to have been able to spend time with Shonka. He ended his message with a promise to send Shonka and her children all of our support, love, and concern.