Charlotte CasiraghiFollowing in her family’s musical footsteps. 

A daughter of Princess Caroline von Hanover and granddaughter of actress-turned-royal Princess Grace Kelly stepped into the acting scene by starring as the leading lady in Sébastien TellierThe music video of “Mademoiselle”, by.

This song was written in tribute to him. Coco ChanelThe French luxury fashion house was the inspiration for this Fall/Winter video. In the video, Charlotte shows off her dance moves, rides a flying shark and pets a giant white dog.

Charlotte has been 11 because of her Chanel brand ambassador role.Th in line to the throne of Monaco, has been able to tap into her other talents, including hosting podcasts and showing off her musical skills. Charlotte sang at Chanel’s concert in the garden last May. Vanessa Paradis and Sébastien.

Charlotte comes from a musical family. 1955 saw Princess Grace star in the musical comedy. High SocietyIn which she did a duet performance with Bing Crosby called “True Love.” It was nominated by the Academy Award as Best Original Song.