Then, she led the viewers to an adjoining space, where they were assigned “triple duty”, as it is both a guest bedroom, library and dining room. Covered in a warm pink and white wallpaper, the space features comfy chairs by its fireplace, a banquette for hosting parties and a bed seamlessly tucked into the wall for overnight guests.

Shonda stated that she has had the fire lit at dinner parties and that it makes for an amazing feeling. People have come to sit down for hours and their wine bottles are empty. There’s something about this space that gives people the feeling that it is an invitation. 

Elle continued: “I am sort of known for my social anxiety, and this room kind of takes it away for me.” 

Shonda, who stepped in the kitchen complete with floral accents explained that this is a space where she enjoys trying new Italian recipes. Shonda said that she is a huge fan of Italian cuisine. “It may be that I am a bit simple, but I really love lasagnas, pastas, and risottos. 

She said, “I still need to perfect my recipes.” Although I would not say that I am the best cook in the world, I do feel like I am improving. 

Finally, the screenwriter let viewers have a peek at her “girls room” where her three daughters—HarperBeckett  Emerson—stay when they visit. 

Shonda acknowledged that it’s difficult to convince them to move there. She joked that she wanted to see her children live in the city, but had country kids. It’s something we are working towards!