Melinda GatesIs sharing my story about how it led me to here Bill GatesLast year’s divorce. 

During her conversation with Gayle King CBS Mornings—which aired in full on March 3— the billionaire philanthropist revealed that the Microsoft co-founder’s past meetings with late financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey EpsteinIt was a contributing factor to the couple’s divorce. It was not something I liked about him having meetings with Jeffrey Epstein.

Melinda claimed that she expressed her concern to Bill over Jeffrey’s connections. But, Melinda met with Jeffrey once and immediately regretted her decision.

She shared that she also had the opportunity to meet Jeffrey Epstein once. Yes, I was curious to find out who this man is. The moment I opened the door, I was horrified. Abhorrent. He was evil personified. It was a nightmare that I had for years. It broke my heart to see these young women, even though I was an older woman. It’s awful. It’s awful.”