You may recognize this particular woman’s hair even today, being a bit aged n’ all. And, if you’re into 1930’s and 40’s films, then you may’ve witnessed (and be drawn to) her singing, dancing, and acting at such a young age. One of history’s top “child stars,” Shirley Temple, may’ve thrown in the towel early in her cinematic career. However, it was fantastic while it lasted. We may not see her on the big screen or TV any more, but she shall forever be remembered through our glasses………with a cherry on top……..And there’s her childhood home, which also serves as a token of her rememberance, and caught a buyer 2 weeks after it got listed!

To make this scenario even more interesting, the entire layout of the premises doesn’t offer much for the price it was bought at ($2.489 mill). Then again, it’s Shirley Temple we’re talking about here. The 1,966 sq ft Santa Monica estate sits on 0.18 acres. The 3 bed and 2 bath floor plan is nothing but quaint, simple, warm, and homey. Flooring is composed of sleek hardwood. A fireplace can be found in the main living room. Kitchen comes furnished with double side-by-side ovens, restaurant-style stainless steel cooking vent, dishwasher, stainless steel faucet & bowl, and large refridgerator w/ freezer bin.

Both patios are simply serene and make for great small cookouts. Two other amenities include detached garage and walk-in closet.

Address: 948 24th St, Santa Monica CA 90403