Our wealthy and powerful leader/influential speaker, Barack Obama, may be livin’ it up in the White House. But, the current Mr. President is like everyone else in a way; he came from humble beginnings. Obama went to college like a majority of 20 year-olds do, and of course prospered. He got involved in politics with the first chance that crossed his path. But, we can talk about Obama all day. The very apartment that he inhabited while attending college in New York is now being occupied by a new tenant/tenants. And whether they realize that Obama lived there once or not, the quaint floor plan and location both keep such a thought astray.

The 2 bed and 1 bath apartment makes for easy simple living, all the while being a couple of blocks away from the highly praised Central Park and surrounded by all that Manhattan has to offer. Flooring is all rich dark hardwood. Kitchen is furnished with the basics: refridgerator, oven, and stainless steel sink w/ stainless steel bowl. Both bedrooms have an en-suite closet. All of this for only $2,400 a month! C’mon, it’s New York City.

Address: 142 W 109th St #3E, New York NY 10025