Shailene Woodley Aaron Rodgers are calling time out on their relationship.

According to multiple reportsThe couple have ended their engagement and announced that they are splitting up. Nearly a year has passed since Aaron and Rachel announced their engagement in February 2021.

Fans began to suspect the actress and NFL player were on the outs when Shailene was photographed surfing in Malibu without her ring all the way back in October. This was further made evident by Shailene’s absence of an engagement ring. DivergentThe star’s pick of nail polish. All of her nails were painted light pink, save for her ring finger, which was painted black.

After declaring that he had received COVID-19 vaccinations over the summer, Green Bay Packers quarterback Tony Romo confirmed his positive test on Nov. 5. As a reason for his refusal to receive the vaccine, he shared with us that an allergy and desire to father his child were the reasons.

In the midst of Aaron’s confessions, Shailene shared a short, cryptic statement to her Instagram Story: “Calm waters may bring you peace but storms will give you your power.”